SM2000 353 Indecent

Stephanie DiBelardino <stephiedib@...>

Hi All!

We will be putting Indecent on the market in about one month. We are having her pulled on Friday to replace the lower unit of the bow thruster, then we will begin to off-load our personal things, and have her detailed inside and out. She will be ready to go on the market probably very late May.

We have bought a 2013 Sabre 42 Sedan Express that will allow us to get back and forth from Grand Bahama to Palm Beach within 3-4 hours. Indecent took 12 hours, then we had to wait for low tide to get under the Singer Island Fixed Bridge so that we could get to the area we prefer to be in.

Fair Winds!
Stephanie DiBelardino
SM2000 353 Indecent
Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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