Deploying and retrieving an anchor with chain and rode


Hi all,
So I lost my anchor and chain in short steep seas. Lucky not to have a hole in the boat or a prop fouled in the chain.

I'm tied up at the dock now, but will set my spare (a big Fortress) tomorrow on 50 ft of chain and 75-100ft of 1" three-strand nylon rode. I'll be in 10-15 ft of water on the Miles River near St Michaels, MD. As I've never had occasion to do this with the big tackle we use on these boats, I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this without dinging up the deck or lifeline. And how to limit the strain on my previously operated-on back.

I have the anchor tied at the rail with a short loop of chain going to the port side bow roller. I've flaked the chain and rode out on the deck and cleated the rode to the big bow cleat. I've protected the lifeline SS tubing with towels wrapped around and zip-tied on to keep the loop of chain from dragging over it on dropping the anchor over.

My plan is to drop the anchor over the side, then pay out the chain and rode. The chain will drag across the deck, that doesn't seem like a good solution.

How do you guys and gals do this?

My plan is to use the rode gypsy on the windlass to pull it in up to the chain...then what? I thought of hooking the chain snubber on and raising it with a halyard, but that seems extremely awkward. The anchor won't fit on the bow roller, so will have to be brought aboard.

Again...HELP...How do you do it?

To make it more complicated, I'm single-handing. I think I'll find someone to help with at least the retrieval.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

As an aside, does anyone stow their primary anchor when going to sea? If so, where? And I guess retrieving the primary anchor to stow it will be much the same as what I'll be doing with the Fortress, but much heavier.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

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