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Thanks for your thoughts James, Craig, and Duane.  More to think about.  Duane, that's exactly what I do and did this time as well.  There must have been a little slack in the chain after banging a lot for hours.  That put all the weight and shock loads on the tie down line, which eventually failed.  The windlass clutch did its job protecting the windlass, but allowed all the chain to go out.  It all happened at night and the ride was so uncomfortable and loud that I wasn't aware I had lost it.

I may consider a cable preventer instead of using line if I can't figure out a good way to get the anchor aboard and stow it.

I've put 25-30,000 miles under the keel using the method you describe without issues, but it's a costly and potentially dangerous situation that I am not willing to risk again.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.  In answer to your question of stowing the main anchor, I always tie a line from the anchor to the large center cleat to hold the anchor in place while underway in lieu of dismounting and stowing the anchor.  That way you have the security of knowing it is held fast, yet it is available if needed.

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