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That must have been quite a shock, literally and emotionally!

It was "boisterous" to say the least.  Short steep 6-8 ft waves with a period of about 25 ft.  As we'd come down off one, the nextkn face was already under us.  Even at an AWA of 75d we were still banging some on the port tack.  By far the worst conditions I've experienced.

I'm surprised and lucky that my anchor didn't set like yours did.  We were in 75' of water with 300' of chain out.  I have no idea how long it dragged before breaking free.  In 25-35 kt winds I only had a little main and genoa out, and with the banging slowing the boat down too, I wasn't surprised at our 2-3kt boat speed.

A friend (Maramu owner) here is letting me use his mooring ball until my new chain arrives, so I didn't have to deploy my Fortress on nylon rode +/- chain. Thanks  again David!

I still don't have a good feel for deploying an anchor on nylon rode off of the port bow roller.  I love the ROCNA, but it's something I'll undoubtedly have to do some day as a second anchor, so I guess I need to experiment until I find a satisfactory way to get it back aboard without scratching the boat up with the chain.  I'm still thinking that with another crew aboard, hooking the snubber to the middle of the chain and raising it with a spare halyard would work if it wasn't too rough to hold it away from the boat as it comes up.  Single-handed, I haven't a clue.

Still hoping someone will have a great tip on this maneuver.

I'm going to do a quick haul out in a week or two to check the bottom and keel for damage and/or loss of bottom paint.

S/V Kristy
SM 243

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Wow, Kent - must have been a boisterous sail, to say the least!  

We had a laughable time when our anchor went over off Sardinia a few years back. I had lifted the chain off the windlass and layed it on deck the day before so I could use the rope gypsy to snug up a dock line at a marina. In the morning I just cast off the line and forgot to put the chain back in its gypsy. So, we took off across a shallow bay - about 15 feet deep - in a beautiful power reach, doing like 8 knots. 

After only a few minutes a little chop bounced the unrestrained anchor over the bow, all 300 feet of chain spewed and screamed out the hawse pipe and then came up rock hard on the rope dead ended in the chain locker.  Talk about having a good set the first time!  We spun around in about one second flat to face the anchor and that sucker was buried to China. After we got over the shock and surprise and realized that nothing was damaged we had a good laugh at ourselves. Thank heavens we were far enough away from the marina so no one saw our antics! Took forever to get the damn thing out of the muck.

I've actually adopted a version of that (much calmer and controlled) occasionally and lower the anchor while driving forward and downwind over the spot where I want the anchor to end up. I then start a slow turn so the chain won't come up on the hull and continue slowly as the moving boat sets the anchor and swings around into the wind. Usually works great.

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Hi Mark,
The bitter end was tied off in the chain locker with 3 ft of 3/4inch 3-strand nylon.  It was shredded. The u-bolt it was attached to feels intact, but I can't see it.  Will get a mirror and report what I find.


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