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We have been researching wind vane steering. I personally will only
fit a steering system that provides a seperate rudder. I have used
Sailomat in the past with a water driven servo arm and its own
rudder.Recently have discovered the Hydrovane system This British/Canadian company appears to provide a
reliable system that does not require much adjustment take a look at
the website and let us know what you think. I think you could use it
from the cockpit although the lines would be long its one simple
endless line.
I am a believer in non power solutions to self steering if possible
and the extra rudder could be useful.

Orion1 Maramu#42

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We'd also be interested as well in hearing owners' wind vane

Our previous boat, a Caliber 40 LRC, was fitted with a Monitor wind
vane, a servo pendulum device. The Monitor "saved our bacon" when
the Autohelm autopilot broke our first night out of Bermuda and the
wind vane steered us all the way to the Azores. I don't see how we
would have completed our crossing, with only my wife and myself
aboard, without it.

The Caliber is an aft cockpit boat so the runs for control lines to
the wheel were short, not the case in a center cockpit vessel. The
vane also needs "futzing", i.e., small adjustments that one makes
directly on it to keep it zeroed in, but I don't know how to
accomplish this from our Maramu (my arm's not long enough to reach
the transom). We're planning to cruise extensively in the next few
years after our refit is done and this is a nagging problem for
Do many of you just carry a spare autopilot control and drive unit
Joel noted?

Best regards,
Howard Berger
s/v Jazz, Maramu 144
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I do not want to labour the point but I wonder if anyone in the
has fitted wind vane it would be good to hear how you found it

Many thanks

Deb and John

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Thanks for that Joel I am suprised that only 10% have had wind
steering. The system that we are considering would provide a
rudder shoud we lose the first but point noted and we will have
give it some thought

Orion 1

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There is no anode in the 4-154 cooling system .I had a
one in
and it never got any smaller even years later .Perhaps it is
thing to
consider that less than 10% of the Amels that have
(that we
know of) have wind steering systems .Most voyagers use dual
.Experience is the best teacher .
Do not tighten the friction knob on the bottom of the Morse
steering system
any tighter than to finger tight .It was not intended to be a
replacement parts are nearly nonexistent .Use a bungee cord
wheel to lessen the wheels movement if need be .

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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