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Patrick McAneny

Mark, I have always insured that my impeller was in good shape and keep my heat exchanger clean. Excuse my ignorance , but does all the raw water pass through that channel ,I suppose it does . This was the first time I ever had the elbow off. It appears that I have stumbled onto the cause of a puzzling problem I have had for some time. When my rpms went up so did my temperature . Maybe having to take off and rebuild my turbo was a good thing. Cautionary note, I sucked up a paper towel left in the engine room into the air intake for the turbo. I am now putting a screen across the inlet to prevent anything from being suck in.
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Any obstruction on the salt-water cooling side before or after raw water pump is going to impede flow and cause the engine to run hot. So the answer is, yes.
The most common causes for a boat engine to run hot (assuming adequate water flow is available) is a damaged impeller or blocked heat exchanger/after cooler.
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I think my boat has been running hot for for a couple of years . I just ran it for about 45 minutes after launching and it ran much cooler than previously. The only thing I have done , is that I cleaned the exhaust elbow, it was not that bad. However I also reamed out the channel that I believe water passes through. My question... If that channel is partially blocked would that result in the engine runner hotter.
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