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hi gary

we have our maramu now the second hurricane season in a row in trinidad due to unforseen longer 'homeleave' - well rather a 'babyleave'. our MELMAR Y is on the hard at power boats, more or less between coral cove and peaks. we didn't opt for an A/C but for a dehumidifier. last summer we had one onboard from power boats, they put the whole set inside (no open hatches for thiefs), close to a drain (for us on the galley sink). they also have a look every now and then to check if the condense-water doesn't stay somewhere inside. it worked fine up to one floor board which started to bend, for us not serious but you can still see it. i heard from others about broken wooden tables and more due to a high degree of dehumidifying. anyway i'd recommend, and i will do it for this summer, not to set the dehumidifier to a too dry setting. i also heard about condensation problems due to a too low temperature inside because of using an A/C... once in trinidad get the boater's directory and/or call into the chagaurama's cruiser's net, every morning at 0800 and you'll get plenty of possibilities to rent an A/C. on the net there will also be others which can give you their opinion.

chaga is a great place to leave and/or work on the boat. don't forget to do some excursions on the island, there's a lot to see. say hello to Jesse James from marc & melanie of MELMAR Y!

marc, maramu #89, S/Y MELMAR Y,

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