Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Passerelle/Gangway on my AMEL 54 not working, Valve Problem?

Porter McRoberts

All I know is they are notoriously finicky, break commonly and in the right circumstances very useful!  If you find a reasonable solution please let us know. Similar circumstances exist on Our boat. 

Very appreciated

Ibis 54-152 

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Hi all,

The passerelle on my AMEL 54 #149 CHIARA is no longer working after a couple of month of not operating the boat. It goes UP and DOWN (so obviously the pump and one valve is working), but not IN and OUT and does not ROTATE  any longer.

I assume, it is a valve problem. Did anybody experience a similar problem and could he possibly solve it by manual activation of the valves or the pump?

I read in the thread that Wolfgang on ELISE had a similar problem, but don`t know, if he could resolve it.

Thank you for your help



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