Charging / Discharging issue


Hello AMELians,


On Friday I was first time out on anchorage with my SM2K and wondered about the discharging of the batteries. The discharging was around 20% within 6 hours! Only the fridge, refrigerator (on level 2) and the VHF were turned on. No more.


Furthermore, the wind generator was running all the time and the solar panel filled at that time as-well.


I my opinion this isn’t normal and I guess as minimum one battery isn’t working properly.


I also wondered about the charging of the Onan Generator. I run it with 100Amp charger and it could only fill up the batteries by ca. 2% in 1,5 hours!


What is the best way to find out what is wrong? Checking the batteries? How to check them if they don’t work properly?


My questions are now:

·        Is that the normal charging rate of the Onan generator by using the 100Amp charge controller with those kinds of batteries?

·        How is the normal charging rate of the Onan generator with those kind of battery setup?

·        Or do I have an issue with the Onan generator? When that seems to be how could I find out / what I have to check?

·        How could I find out or what is the best way to find out if the batteries are working properly or not?



AGM batteries Vision EV-27-AM and the capacity of each one is 100 Ah = 600Ah.


Solar Panel 245W


Wind Generator Silent Wind 400



Any help is highly appreciated.


Fair Winds


Olaf Bauer


S/V Sayonara II, SM2K 392

currently in St. Anne, Martinique


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