Volvo TMD22A specs

Patrick McAneny

I have been given a quote from Flexofold and they described the Volvo TMD22a as 78 hp. at 4500 rpm. I can not find the specs anywhere on the internet . Can anyone tell me where I can find them. If it correct than I never get near 78hp. as I never get beyond 2900 rpm. I presently have a fixed prop that came with the boat,being a1994 my keel was not modified to accept the Autoprop. They also stated my gear reduction ratio as 1:2,74 , does that sound right , I could not find it on the label on the transmission ? My fixed prop is 21x16 -55 LH . and they are recommending a 20x12- 3R I don't know what the 55 or 3 stand for ? There recommendation seems like quite a departure from my fixed prop in regards to size/pitch . Maybe that is comparing apples and oranges.


Pat SM#123

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