Compensating for Additional Weight of Solar Installation

Mark Isaac

Hello All,

After adding an Atlantic Towers arch and two solar panels, our stern sits below the current waterline. The shipping weight on the arch was #190 (it was crated...perhaps the weight of the arch itself is #140) and the panels (2) weigh #40 each.  We carry 300 feet of G4 chain (#450), a #88 primary anchor, and a 29 pound secondary anchor with 15 feet of chain all on the bow or in the forward lockers.  Our #100 dinghy is stored on the foredeck and our #100 outboard on the stern rail or in the stern locker.

Aside from moving books and canned goods to the forward cabin, I think I have managed the weight distribution as best as I can.

My question to the group:  Where should I go from here?  Leave it alone and change the waterline?  Add more chain?  Move the books and canned goods forward?

My question to those that have gone before me with the solar installation:  What did you do to compensate for the additional weight on the stern?  Did things turn out well as far as balance and sailing characteristics?

I will try to upload a couple of photos to show the degree of the issue at the waterline.  (The second outboard in the photos has been removed)

Lulu SM#391
Cape Canaveral, FL

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