Re: Compensating for Additional Weight of Solar Installation

John Clark

Hi Mark,
    we installed the Emek arch which I believe is heavier than the Atlantic arch.  I have a similar distribution of heavy items, 80m of 10mm chain, two anchors forward, dinghy on foredeck and a 9.9 hp outboard in the lazarette.  I haven't noticed significant change in the waterline aft, in calm water the red stripe is dry.  The front does look like yours with the red strip higher above above the water.  I seem to recall that it looked the same before the arch was installed.  

We do get the slime/algae build up at the stern where the water continually slaps at the hull.  I don't know if moving the boot strip and antifouling line up will help much with that.

Is your engine exhaust port under water?  Mine sits right at the waterline, in fact I changed the exhaust hose while in the water at a marina.  Water was about 1 inch below the port. 

SV Annie, SM 37
Druif Bay, Water Island USVI

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