Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Main sheet boom slider broken

Stephen Morrison <steve_morrison@...>

Hi Kent, 

I had the same crack when I bought TouRai and had it separate from the boom entirely on my first move from Lauderdale to Brunswick, GA. I had Houston from Nance and Underwood in Lauderdale make a new fitting that put all three attachment points on a single, much more substantial fitting. It slides in to the original T-track and has several screws that hold it in place along the track like the originals. I am very happy with it and have tremendously more confidence in it that the original separate fittings. I brought them my boom as there was damage to my track, but I suspect he could make one for you remotely as well. 

All the best,
Steve Morrison
SM380 TouRai
Hilton Head, SC

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Hi all,
I just discovered that the main sheet connector at the boom is cracked/broken. The “T” has broken from the vertical part. Pics attached. Does anyone know who makes this part, size or part number?

What is it called?

Thanks, as usual, for any help.
SN 243

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