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Thank you very much. I found oversized 1/4" diameter.  I want to get flush head, aluminum CR 3252.
Box of 100 is a minimum order.
What are you buying? 
Perhaps we can split the box 50-50. Are you interested?

I have some reservations on total length. It is 1mm longer than we have. Perhaps I have to drill inner tube. We will see.


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   I am on the run today but will get back to this soon.  Below is part of an email from my engineering friend in Aerospace that contains suggestions on finding the oversized rivets.  I have definitely seen reference to the oversize rivets on the Cherry rivet site so they must exist.  Here is the Cherry link again,  see page 7

  Thank you for the warning about the 23mm maximum rivet length.  I ordered two sizes from Fastenal since I was unsure of the exact grip length so I think that one of those will fit.


There are many blind fasteners made for aircraft by Cherry, Huck, etc.  Most are available "oversize" for rework.  I've seen aluminum rivets with stainless mandrels.  Most achieve good shear strength by breaking the mandrel at the head end, and retaining it.



SV Sueño
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Thanks for the links, but unfortunately I can't open FASTENAL link and WONKEEDO link. Those are very important for me.
Cherryaerospace I can open but I don't see oversized rivets.

Pleese keep in mind that maximum rivet length that you can put in, is 23 mm long from the bottom of the head to the very end of the mandrel. If it is longer, you have to drill a second hole in the inner tube of the foil.


On Tue, May 8, 2018, 07:57 Kent Robertson karkauai@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Thanks James, good info.

S/V Kristy

   I did not finish my research since it sounded like the 1/4” rivets might work for me so I did not source the oversized rivets.  I found some 1/4” (.255 OD) all Aluminum (alloy 5062 for the rivet body, the mandrel however is 7075) structural rivets at Fastenal with a higher shear strength (1300 lbs. min versus about 460) than the more common ones found at Marine stores and have those on order.  I will do some testing before using them on the boat.   I have some concerns about the 7075 mandrel.

 here is what I found about the removal tool and the oversize rivets:  Video of using the Rivet removal tool Mention of 1/64” oversize rivets  Mention of 9/32” rivets but I did not follow up.

Best of luck,

SV Sueño
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