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Craig Briggs

Hi Bob, 

The 90w gear oil behaves pretty much like the old 15w-40, turning progressively more white-ish. Like the 15w-40 in emulsifies into a pretty thick white grease, like cold creme, but still flows to lubricate the gears, that is, there is simply no pure salt water against the gears, so the urgency of changing milky oil is likely not high, ie., a few months won't make a difference. It may not flow out the drain hole on its own so you need to rinse it out with lots of diesel fuel - 5 gallons does it nicely. Put the plug back in, fill the drive, run the engine in gear a bit to swish it around, drain again. Repeat a few times until the diesel comes out clear. 


An SKF seal engineer reviewed this for me some years ago - the post is still around, but bottom line of his evaluation was that Amel's selection of brass bearing material was not nearly hard enough. (Duh, Amel calls it the "wearing-out bearing".) SKF offered to machine a proper bearing and several folks went to a hard stainless (not 316) and had good success. Others get 6 years on the original Amel configuration. Hmmm.

Cheers, Craig

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A bit of a twist on this issue.  Like many of us I am now using 90w oil vs 15-w40 and it is lighter colored.  Used to be that it was lighter and then milky.  Just curious, has anyone noticed how 90w looks when it starts to get mixed with salt water?
Bob, KAIMI SM429

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