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Patrick McAneny

Kent, I have been following your exploits and Diane picked up your AIS on Marine traffic when you left the Carolina's. The ColorWheelz  still looks brand new after at least eight years ,and we never cover it , other than the bimini . I wish I had the hand rail done . It probably provides electrical protection as well as good grip and looks great. I had the center hub of the wheel done , but its made from wood and I had a friend fabricate it out of aluminum , they can't cover wood.
Welcome Back,
Pat & Diane
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Hi Pat,
How is your ColorWheelzs helm wheel cover holding up? Do you keep it covered when not in use?

I’m thinking I’d like to do this to my wheel and the companionway hand rail.

Thanks and Hi to Diane.

I’m back inSt M, on a mooring in LeedsCteek until I can get my new anchor/chain delivered.

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