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We replaced our units a couple of years ago. I would also suggest you replace the evaporator unit at the same time giving you an entire new box ready to last another 20 years. The evaporator unit is sold flat and you bend it to the size of the box (easy to do – I used a pvc pipe to aid the correct curl). The new condensing unit and evaporator will come pre-charge and all you have to do is connect the “quick connect” fittings.


The AV35F has the same footprint as the original systems and is very easy to swap.


Frigoboat, AV35F, Vertical Air Cooled Condensing Unit, 12/24 Volt

Frigoboat, 200F, Flat Evaporator


As an added FYI these units are also available in the USA at: www.go2marine.com


You can get Free shipping to the USVI via the Express US Postal service. The US Post will ship express at very reasonable rates to Peurto Rico and the USVI. Also, there is no duty or sales tax this way.



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Hi All,

  My salon bench frig/freezer seems to have “retired.”  Luckily we where eating our way to the bottom of the freezer for cleaning when this occurred so we were able to relocate the little remaining perishable food to the other box.  I am looking at replacing the compressor unit with the Frigoboat AV 35F (part# E50025X) see at the link: http://www.penguinfrigo.co.uk/shop/product/280/


We are currently in St Thomas USVI.  Our next stop is St. Maarten followed by island hopping to Martinique . If anyone has any advice on replacement before I commit to the purchase, I am all ears.    



 FYI for the techies:  I am pretty sure the compressor is the part that has failed as it blows the 7.5amp fuse on the freezer control box under the seat.  The fuse does not blow if the compressor is disconnected.  The compressor windings are not shorted, reading 4.8 ohms each and open with respect to the compressor housing.  According to the manufacturer this is higher resistance than normal.    Fuse blows instantly when power is applied.  With compressor out of the circuit, the fuse does not blow and after 2 seconds the cooling fan starts.  The current unit I believe is original to the boat, and is a Frigoboat AV24.  


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