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Serge Tremblay <laetitiaii@...>

On my Mango, I did install a Autohelm 7000 (type 2 electric drive) pilot before recrossing the Atlantic, since on the voyage to Europe, one of the steering cable broke and much of the steering was done using the emergency tiller. Furthermore, the original and faithful Neco pilot not only consumes more than 6 amp never ceasing to move but would steer from side to side, sometimes loosing control when the boat would hit a large wave.
The electric drive was installed under the starboard seat of the aft cabin, a heavy s-steel extension was bolted to the existing  tiller arm. This extension was raised in order to allow the existing control cable to function. The lenght of the extension is a bit longer than that recommended by the manufacurer, since i did not wish the pilot to move the rudder beyond its original setting and exert pressure beyond the rudder angle set by Amel. The wood panels had to be cut out in order for the tiller arm to be connected to the electric drive (which also required a cut out) the base of which was glassed in on the reinforced 18mm ply transom board installed by Amel in front of the rudder post.
Sorry i have no pictures and i am in Quebec and the boat is in Martinique.
The pilot is installed since 2005, with the help of one crew, i crossed the Atlantic in February 2007. For this crossing the  winds were fair to strong but the sea was very rought and huge swells crossing the waves would have made it impossible for the Neco to hold. The Autohelm has performed impeccably requiring approx. 3 amp/h when sea conditions did not exceed 2 to 2½m.
Serge Tremblay, Mango #51

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