Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM Prop Shaft Seal direction and Bush*** IMPORTANT RESPONSE***

Jose Venegas

Thank you Craig, A truly interesting post.

I was interested to see that in your post about the SKF expert he/she states 
 "Finally, I would arrange the seals with 2 facing the water and one facing the oil as long as there is no pressure difference."
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID IN MY EXPERIMENT! Plus I would add that the 2 seals facing the water should be the central and inner seals to make sure they get lubricated when the grease wears out AND THE OUTER SEAL deteriorates.

PS;  Since you used the AMEL seal configuration and the standard bronze bushing, and I did it at the same time but with the two seals facing the water, in two years we should compare results.

Fair winds


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