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We all need to be aware that there are people new to this group. I think I understand to danger of people new-to-Amel not understanding or being misinformed better than most because I have instructed 41 clients. You have contributed valuable information to this group and I agree with many of your postings. I was hoping to NOT say another word on this subject, but long ago I became the self-appointed supporter of what I call the "Amel Way." In that "role," I respectfully ask you to say, " your opinion, and contrary to Amel's design and instructions..." because you are completely aware that what you say is contrary to Amel's design and written instructions regarding the C-Drive. Of course, you have your opinion, and can perform this C-Drive service anyway you want to.

In my opinion, I would not RISK a C-Drive, costing tens of thousands of Euros to extend the life of a bushing and seals. Further, water in the oil will be known by observing the color. Oil leaking out will only be realized when the C-Drive seizes. Amel obviously chose to ensure oil in the C-Drive.

Lastly, please don't make this an engineering argument. Although I could, I will not. My statements above are to inform those "new-to-Amel" to respect the Amel Way, or RISK significant expenses. My statements are NOT to argue your test or conclusion. I wouldn't do that in this Group.


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The order of the seals is important to make sure they get lubricated.  The first and second seals you mount should have the lips facing the propeller and the last facing the transmission.  putting them in a different order will prevent lubrication and lead to premature failure.
In which order did you assemble the seals?

Good luck and let me know how it worked out.


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