Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Hull keel join weeping on a super maramu 2000



Have you eliminated the possibility that the leak is freshwater.

I am aware of a SM that had a hard grounding that caused a leak between the cast iron ballast and the keel stub, which is the freshwater tank.

Until you have totally eliminated this possibility, I recommend that it is NOT sealed.


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Hull 251 . The repair was a weep .
Work that was done
Grind out and dry port joint weeps.
Prep and fill with Competition 5.2.1 resin and west system microfiber.
Fair and fill keel imperfections.
The keel was sand blasted.
5 coats of epoxy.
I am aware of the previous owner and have been in touch with him. Was told that all works that were done when he owned her .were done to the proper standard.
It is a lightly used example of a sm2000.
I am just trying to get the best picture of the condition of this one.
I really appreciate the excellent knowledge of this group and the way they share their know how.

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