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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Pat. If Yvonne said yes I'd  e off like a shot. However practicalities intervene. Bother.



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Danny, Pertaining to this subject, I have just received an email from Flexofold after requesting a quote on a folding prop .I had sent them all the engine and trans specs., and told them that my max rpms was 3000 and  I now have a fixed prop 21x16 LH . They proposed a 20X12 and stated that 21 "looked to big" and that would allow me to reach the full rpm potential of my engine , 4500 rpm. This ladies title is export sales manager , I almost believe she chose the prop , rather than a prop specialist . I wrote her back that reaching 4500 rpms was not , nor should not be the goal in selecting the proper prop size/pitch. Max torque is about 2500 rpm . I am not instilled with confidence , and will be looking at other props. FYI , I cannot install an Autoprop as my keel was not modified to except it ,as later models were.

If you leave now , you guys could be here for the Rendezvous , it would be great to see ya again.
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Hi Pat.
Welcome to the confusion club. Many of us have been there and are the wiser for it. 2800 rpm is the correct under load revs for the Tmd  22.  It will cheerfully rev to over 4000 no load. However if the waste gate on the turbo is siezed the motor will over turbo and do 4000 rpm inder load. Accidently sent. Continue. Thinking hey this is great I ran it up like that and after I had destroyed the piston rings I found my error. Then I had two choices. Over haul or new motor. I got a new motor. Learn from us 2800 is it. And check the waste gate regularly.regards. Danny. Sm  299 Ocean pearl





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