Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM Prop Shaft Seal direction and Bush*** IMPORTANT RESPONSE***

webercardio <webercardio@...>

This is a very good discussion- three pieces in how many ways? After 2 years original Amel way I had some milk in the oil, next change done without me in Amel way -milk after 1 year. Then I did the changing by myself. Flushing with diesel und oil, changing the facing of the bearings- Better loose oil than adding water. Oil is still red after 2 years- but I think the major effect was my work and not the seals. Enough silicone grease and exact working is more worth than theoretical discussion. 
Today I do not fear a milky oil in the C Drive,this will not do any damage.  But I will always observe or do the changing by myself. 
So to make it easy stay with the Amel-way.
Safe sailing, good wind, clean oil and diesel.
Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54#162

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