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eric freedman

Hi would you please explain exactly where your pressure regulator was

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The bath faucet/showers can be replaced with kitchen sprayers that
one may get at Home Depot or such. They usually can be had with the
flex hose. I have to look at my kitchen faucet, but I think the
rubber is a standard rubber grommet that one could find at a a good
auto supply.
Another useful and interesting fact is that if you ever replace the
water supply pump for domestic water, and the pump is of the modern
self regulating kind, you should remove the old pressure regulator
probably located under the rear area of the lazarette under the floor
boards. My pressure regulator froze up after winter layup and It
caused me a little grief after I replaced the water pump and still
had no water pressure. After a little detective work I found the
regulator that I was previously unaware of. Then after removing the
regulator had plenty of water for a brisk shower!!
----Bill Klein SV Popeye

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Our lovely old Maramu has the original plumbing fixtures in the
and galley sink. I need to find a new rubber piece for where the
penetrates the sink. Also I've got some leaks in one of the
faucet/showerhead fittings. Will I be able to find replacement parts
in a plumbing supply place in the US or are these a bit trickier?

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