Experiemental Chromed WOB Provided by Amel


Hi Everyone,
Given recent postings on the WOB and my experience about a month ago I think it is a good time to post regarding an experiemental WOB that I had received from Amel.  I had received it in March, 2014 and thought, mistakenly that this was simply the new design that AMEL provided.  Instead, I learned later that these were trial versions that Amel had somehow provided to me.  Not sure if anyone else got them.  So here are the pics I posted back in September,  2014 -- https://www.dropbox.com/sc/1tompsdjss3rr0r/AACGUoVzzawY5RnlyKpnjwRga
In a phone conversation with Maud she confirmed that Amel was trying these out.  About 2 years ago I had installed this new type WOB in Turkey and changed it here in Malta and examined it carefully (note we visited Croatia and Venice on the way back, so the miles are there).  Please also note that I am making no claims about whether Amel should convert to these but I will tell you what I reported to Amel--which is that I was replacing the O ring inside and re-using the WOB!  Below is the content of my email to Maud and her response back to me.  I thought it was important to provide the information to Amel and give them time before placing it in front of the group.  Please also note that Adm Bill was privy to the info and he has contacted Amel to suggest they consider switching to the new WOB.

OK...the email to Maud on April 4 and her response on April 5.

"Hi Maud,

About 3.5 years ago you sent me an "experimental" WOB that Amel was trying out.  It is a normal bronze WOB with a stainless surface where the lip seals mount.  I was confused about it but in a later telephone conversation you talked with someone at Amel and then explained to me that Amel was trying out the new special WOB.  I promised to mount it and report back to you.

I serviced the Amel drive on my Super Maramu KAIMI #429 about 2 years ago and installed the special WOB.  Last week I serviced it again. There was virtually no wear on the WOB.  There was no evidence of water in the drive oil (90 wt) and the springs inside the seals were not rusted (I pack them with grease).

It is my impression that the WOB did very well.  While I could see some "polishing" could not detect any ridge or groove with my fingernail and I replaced the O ring inside the WOB and am re-using the WOB.   I plan to report back again on the next service in a year or 2.

I have included a link to photos of the removed WOB.  For comparison I show a regular used WOB.  You are welcome to forward this email to any others at Amel and I will be happy to answer any other questions that you have.

Click on individual images for larger photo --

Robert Rossi  SM#429 KAIMI"

Response back from Maud-- 
"Dear Robert,
Thank you for your nice message and detailed report. I will forward the results of your test to the AMEL technical department and I am certain they will be glad to hear it is very positive.
Thank you again for being such a supportive customer!!
Have a nice day.
With my kindest regards,

Service clientèle/Customer service"

Highlights--I could detect NO wear other than a bit of polishing where normally you would see a groove...note the used bronze version as a comparison.  There was no evidence of water in the 90 wt oil which I actually ran back through my Mr.Funnel to see if there was water--none-- and now have re-stored for possible future use.  Note also that there was no noticeable rust on the springs in the seals.  And, as noted, I am re-using the WOB.  We plan on pulling out for hurricane season in the Caribbean 14 months from now and I will re-check it.  Ironically, the entire process left me kind of upset with myself for even doing the change! 

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM429 Gozo in the Maltese archipelago

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