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Paul Martin

Thank you Paul I appreciate the feedback.  The Super Maramu is a wonderful boat.
I am sure you will be very happy.  The right one will come along I am sure.

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We did look at the two SNs for sale in Martinique.  The one with the Mitzubishi engine has been on a mooring, untouched, for a year and a half and is essentially a complete fixer-upper.  If one wanted to undertake that the price would be negotiable to rock bottom I imagine.  Definitely not something we would touch.  

The other one was as described:  clean, well-equipped and maintained with lots of upgrades, (perhaps too many).

In the end we decided we wanted more room aboard, and more speed,  so we have been shopping for a Super Maramu and still haven't found the right one.

Good luck.

Paul C.

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