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Second huf of July to early September is GOOD for us. We should establish the date soon that we can plan.
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So far nine boats have expressed interest in attending the rendezvous , however no one has included a time period , that would not work for them. Joel suggested that someone needed to establish a date, so plans could be made. That made sense , we filled that role at the first rendezvous four years ago , so I thought we would do that again. To determine a date , we need to know , when would be good for you. So could everyone interested, email me back and tell me what time period this summer would not be good for them. We will then try  to pick a time good for most. Please email us direct at sailw32@... , so that we do not clog up this site with posts that others have no interest in. In order to have time for planning , I would guess we would be planning on some time between late July to early Sept. There was eight boats and about 30 people at the first rendezvous , more than expected , so maybe we will surpass that number this time. BTW , if you hang around after dinner , Joel buys rounds. That is sure to attract sailors . We will post updates to the Amel site from time to time.


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