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To all
I think its a pretty that some of us Amel owners is angry and cancelled the membership. I always supported this group, also with critical answers/questions!
One thing. A technical forum, as it was , should go on with new technology. I remeber, a follower of us , I forgot his name, sorry, made a tremendos work to put this forum from the old yahoo platform to new design on a very well desigend web based platform. Every body was entousiastic, but some old fellows , Bill example disagreed. The hole work of this gentleman is gone. If we put in place a new up to date platform, we can eliminate personal things. Look on the french Amel Owners Website. Thats the way we should do it.
Looking foreward that this personal things is over and we shall have only a technical platform
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On Fri, May 11, 2018, 08:49 Rink de Haan rinkdehaan@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Dear all,

I am cancelling my membership from this forum.
After a private discussion with Bill and his obvious immense support I have to conclude we don't share the same values.

Thanks for all good advice and interaction in the past 10 years.

Best regards,

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I incorrectly CC'D Jose at his old email address. His current email address is lji004@...

I am not going to get into a finger pointing situation with you. I mentioned Judy to Jose because he knows Judy. And, even if he didn't know Judy, the fact that she was in recovery has as much to do with it as you stating that I am a Texan.

You have been rude, childish, and offensive to not only me, but others in the Group. You are disruptive and contribute very little good information.

I have always stated that I am the self-appointed Amel Advocate in the Amel Owners Group. I know that I have saved others tens of thousands of Euros by preaching the mantra to "not change anything for a year." I have also advocated keeping your Amel pure and unadulterated. I call this the Amel Way. I am not going to respond to your Solar Arch accusations, or anything else.

I have blocked your email address and will no longer see your emails because I do not want to see them. I suggest that you do the same because you obviously have a problem with me.


CW Bill Rouse
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On Fri, May 11, 2018, 03:36 Rink de Haan <rinkdehaan@...> wrote:
Dear Bill and Jose Luis,

I appreciatie the opportunity to discuss Amel Owner Group communication policy together with Jose Luis.

In my 10 years as an owner and member of this group I have never insulted, nor reacted negatively towards Bill.
I have checked all my postings on the slightest possibility of this. I have found only positive reactions. So I would like to ask Bill to provide the examples. 
Bill is confusing me with someone else or he is just dishonest and trying to influence the discussion with Jose Luis. 
I am also really sorry for Bill and his wife of her being in hospital though I don't understand where it is related to our discussion. So let's please stick to the factual part of the discussion.

I apologize for binging the Texan aspect in if it hurts Bill's feelings. I was referring to a posting of Bill dated  April 19, 2015 were he stated that he is much aware of the Texan element when he stated "I hope that I do not come across too arrogant, but I am a Texan and it is in my DNA...some things cannot be helped. ;)". I am in the opinion that Bill crossed the line of decency in the discussion with Jose. He did not responded to the real message of Jose, but merely turned it into a rant for The Amel Way (of which every member of this group is aware). 
No opinion should be used in a way that it creates frustrated members and block any discussion outside of The Amel Way.
The example of the arch is just to question if The Captain would have advised to do this (as The Amel Way). 

I would like to ask Jose Luis to have a close look at the conversation Bill had with Jose and determine if this is in line with the way of the forum where exchanging views and thoughts are to be treated with respect and not to be killed by having ownership of the absolute truth. No one has!

If Jose Luis decides I crossed the line, I will apologize to Bill and the group.

Leaves me to state that I absolutely value Bill's contributions though the way he puts them sometimes is hard to swallow. 

Looking forward for your replies,


2018-05-10 23:50 GMT+02:00 Bill Rouse <brouse@...>:

I have never said a single insulting or rude word to you.

You have personally insulted me on the Amel Owners Group 3 times in about 5 years.

You asked for the Group Moderator to talk to me because I support the Amel Way and because I am a Texan. I am very proud to say you are correct.

I copied the Group Owner so that he is aware of what you want and so you can email him directly.

BTW, I received your last public insult to me on the Amel Owners Group today when I was consoling my wife at the hospital...she was recovering from surgery. 

There is one more sentence in this email which is from my heart, but not visible to you because we are not face-to-face. When a Texan has stern words for someone, it is always face-to-face.


CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Commander Emeritus
Amel School
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550
+1(832) 380-4970

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