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Craig Briggs

Hi Eric,
Just the opposite, I think, but I'm sure Jose will clarify.  He's got the first two seals with the lip (or spring) side facing aft, or "out" and the last (outer) seal facing "in", that is, with its lip side facing forward toward the oil. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.
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Just to clarify things about this discussion.

I assume that when you say the lip seal is facing in you mean that the rubber side is facing towards the C drive  and when you say out you mean the spring side is facing the C drive.

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Danny and Bill,


First, I don't take it personally.... (text clipped)

 In my experiment I had both the inner and central seals with the lips facing the propeller (preventing water from coming in but allowing oil to move out)  The outer seal was facing the C-drive, thus acting to prevent the oil from leaking out but allowing some lubrication by the water.  

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