New injectors for Perkins 4-154

James Alton

Hello fellow Amel owners,   I purchased a complete set of injectors that were supposed to fit my Perkins 4.154 based on my engine serial number which is GA 10002 J 00298 N.  The injectors are new units still in the box and due to the vintage I had them pop tested which they passed.  They came with a complete set of sealing washers for installation. 

    Further investigation revealed that my engine (notice the "J" in the middle of the serial number?) is a Japanese built Mazada block engine that uses the Kiki injection pump.  The new injectors I bought are meant to be used with  the more common CAV injection pump so I cannot use these injectors according to Trans Atlantic Diesel.  I have ordered a rebuilt set of injectors to work with my Kiki pump and wanted to offer the new injectors that I have to any Amel owner that could use them.  I would only need cores sent back to Trans Atlantic Diesel at some point in the future (no rush) so that I could recover the substantial core charge I paid on the rebuilt injectors that I ordered.  The new injectors I am offering are supposed to work with any Perkins 4-154 with the CAV injection pump based on my research but it is best to verify where possible which has proven difficult on this vintage engine.  Here are the details of the new injectors:  Part # on Perkins box:  2645699.  Stamped on the injector:  GZ  CAV England Perkins,  BKB35 SD5247 EH, DES N 5344604.  If anyone would like these injectors for their Amel, let me know along with an address to ship them.  


James Alton

SV Sueño

Maramu #220

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