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eric freedman


I would suggest you but the nut wrench from Amel, or have one made out of ¼ inch aluminum. There is a photo of mine in the photo section.

This will allow you to tighten the nut while at sea.

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So, I noticed about a shot glass of water in the starboard lower compartment in the aft cabin (just forward of the linear drive). On SM2K #422, this is where sea water ends up when the rudder post stuffing box leaks a bit. As before, I turned the mylar nut one more facing (I guess 1/8 of a revolution) and it seems to have done the trick. Great.


However, in making this adjustment it was necessary to take off mattress, etc and completely open the storage area under the bed. I don't have that rudder nut tool I've seen on this site and my wrench only fits on the starboard side of the quadrant.  Not an area of the boat I visit regularly enough. No leaks, spots, far, so good. But I did notice that one of the hydraulic lines to the rudder quadrant has a small bulge/area of deformity about an inch from its termination and it's joint to the piston. Hmmm. This could have been there for 14 years, 14 months, or 14 minutes........I felt around and the hose seems OK; no blistering, tearing, etc. And it has not leaked to date as the area all around the hose seems to be completely dry.


If there were to be a leak from this spot, I suppose it's a pretty big problem.......I would then be dependent on the linear drive autopilot to work because the other autopilot uses the wheel (and thus the hydraulics). And I'm not anxious to ever use the emergency tiller.


Has anyone ever changed one of these hoses and what is the process ? It's not clear to me what size the hose/fitting is........nor is it clear how one bleeds it after a new hose is installed. Any ideas ?


Tom Kleman


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