Re: Staysail for SM

iv_pepe <iv_pepe@...>

Dear Miles,

I get a neu set of Gateff sails incl. Staysail, he convens me to order
it, with the argument : this is a sail after 20 kn. I hope it work well.
Thank you fod comments.Best regards,

Iv Pepe s/y Fortuna SM 223
--- In, "Miles Bidwell" <mbidwell@...>

I have one of these sails and I am happy that I do. It is a true storm
and needs a lot of wind, but when the wind is too much for a reefed
geni, it
does very well. I understand that Gateff has made about 70 of these
for Super Maramus.

Miles Bidwell (s/y LADYBUG)

Sm 216

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