Ground Tackle Query


With an eye towards the South Pacific and beyond in 2019, we are reviewing our ground tackle inventory.  Presently we carry the original (to SM 380) stainless Wasi Bugel anchor on 100m of 10mm stainless chain with an additional 10m of stainless chain on 75m of 1" rope rode and a Fortress FX55 anchor stored in the port bow locker.  

What do you all carry?

I am considering adding either an 85# or 105# Mantus anchor and question whether this should be a backup, or if I should consider this my primary and put the Wasi Bugel away as a backup.  Do any of you have experience with the Mantus anchors?

We currently use the Mantus Snubber hook and Mantus snubber bridle but also have a monster stainless coil spring snubber and very heavy lead 'rode rider' that were on the boat when I purchased it.  I really can't imagine using them and would consider taking them (and their weight) out of the bow lockers. Have any of you used, or know of a situation whereupon you wished you had had a 50# lead weight you could slide down your rode to weight it?

All the best,

Steve Morrison

SM 380 TouRai

Hilton Head, SC

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