Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] FOLLOW-UP to Dessalator Water Starvation Problem

Porter McRoberts

Thanks Mark and Debbie. 
Always very useful to hear the conclusion to the the issue. 
These Bills are invaluable!,

54-152 Bonaire. 

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I posted a question regarding water starvation and cavitation of the low and high pressure Dessalator pumps when the Volvo ran above 1300 RPM.  Unfortunately, I cannot locate the original post.


There were a number of valuable responses for troubleshooting but I would especially like to thank Bill Kinney who suggested that the air-conditioning raw water pump check valve was leaking which was likely causing air to enter the system.  It was leaking.


Additionally, I would like to thank Bill Rouse for supplying a list of items form the Amel School related to this problem to check.  While going through the checklist we located the various forms of sea life growing up in the sea chest elbow & raw water distribution manifold, a broken stem on the distribution manifold ball valve, and a heretofore undetected minor leak at the junction of one of the tube fittings and the distribution manifold.


After cleaning, repairing, and reinstalling all systems appear to be working properly.  Thank you everyone.

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Brass Ring  A54-68

Ft. Lauderdale

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