Bow Thruster Linear Actuator

Duane Siegfri

The electric motor in the linear actuator (raises and lowers the bow thruster) on our boat has gone bad.  The motor shop noted the armature is shot.  By the way, this motor has brushes, but they are not easily serviced since you have to disassemble the motor to get to them and the brush wires are soldered in.  I mention this because the motor has a rubber jacket with dimples that LOOK like they would provide access to the motor brushes.  

The motor shop said they could send it to Ft. Lauderdale and maybe they could repair it, but then I'm not sure that the screw jack doesn't have it's own troubles.  They also thought it would be about the same cost to replace it as to repair it.

I've put in a query to the company SNT in France and then followed up with a phone call, but the only guy who can help me is on vacation (he answered the phone!).  I haven't heard from a query put in 10 days ago.  

Does anyone know where one can buy one of these?  The SNT site is not designed for sales so I'm assuming someone else sells them.  I've also emailed Maud to see if they have one in stock.


Wanderer, SM#477

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