Re: Staysail for SM

Miles Bidwell <mbidwell@...>

Hi Eric,

I do have pictures, but they are on a disk somewhere on the boat. I will
send them when I find them if you can not get them from the sail maker--
"Sails GATEFF" The sail is roller furling on a
permanent internal stay of high modulus line. The halyard goes through a
leather covered block that is attached at the upper spreaders by a rope
loop. The other attachment is a rope loop that fits around the big forward
cleat. The sheets go to the smaller cockpit winch and the furling line from
the continuous drum at the base of the sail is on a long elastic tensioner
at the aft big cleat so that the line can be looped around the main powered
winch for furling. In the Mediterranean, I often left the sail raised and
furled so that it would be ready if a surprise gale appeared. So far I have
not used the sail in a real storm as the wind has dropped each time I have
unfurled the sail. I am told that the lower center of effort and inboard
position allows the boat to sail better to windward in a strong wind and I
expect that this is the case.

Miles Bidwell s/y LADYBUG

SM 216

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