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Patrick McAneny

Bill, The quote described it as 22x16 70 mm hub , I took a couple of measurements of the diameter with a caliper , two as it is tapered . I will confirm with Maud before placing an order.

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For the classic model MaxProp, the pitch is adjustable over a wide range, so for purchase the numbers that are critical are the prop diameter and the bore for the shaft.  If you need confirmation, I am in the Bahamas, so can go overboard with a tape measure and confirm the prop diameter...   My recollection for the shaft dimension is 35mm... but confirm that before you sign anything!

The primary thing about the Classic that is different on the newer models is changing the pitch requires complete disassembly of the hub. PYI officially says this must be done out of the water, but they do have a list of divers who can tackle the job that they will share if asked.  The only one I personally know works in San Francisco Bay...

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Little San Salvador, Bahamas

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