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Patrick McAneny

Jean- Pierre, I assume that would be logical considering the torque curve. I agree, I don't want to know what 4500 revs sounds like. Looks like you find yourself in a Bit of Paradise !
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Hi Pat,

Volvo says their engine can deliver unto 4500 rpm.  However, because power is not fully dependent on rpm but on torque, Amel decided to accept 3000 rpm as the normal maximum rpm.  This is because the torque curve of the TDM22 is such that near full HP is available at that rpm.

My previous boat had a TDM22 as well and that was set to 4500 rpm… tou don’t want to do this… trust me!!!

Just ensure your TC is on full open for 1 hour every 10.  Your engine will remain healthy with this small bit of Italian tune up!

Jean-Pierre Germain
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I had flexofold suggest a prop and pitch that would allow the engine reach its max rpm , in my case 4500 . I now just read on the Max prop website , that their prop would also allow the engine to reach full rpm ,"in flat water." I wrote back to Flexofold that this did not sound correct , as my fixed prop does not allow me to get beyond 3000, and I have not read about anyone else able to reach rpms that high. I would think  reaching max torque would be the goal . Should a prop/ pitch allow an engine to obtain max rpms ? I don't know what to think or what is correct on this subject, and I may owe Flexofold a retraction.
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