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Craig Briggs

Hi Gary,
I did exactly what you're contemplating. It works very well. I got the aft section high enough but a little narrow, but if you duplicate the width of the stripe all around you should be fine. The new stripe(s) in the aft section are totally above the originals.  I went with a deep Burgundy Red, rather than the Amel orange, but whatever strikes your fancy. 
Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris, Ft Pierce, FL

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Hello all:

As the hull repairs progress on our hull #335 SM from the Hurricane Maria/Irma damage, the idea of raising the waterline aft is being considered.  

Every Amel I have ever seen, regardless of model, does not set level on their lines ( waterline level with the water).  They  all have the waterline higher, by a significant amount, forward.  I noted this when I toured the factory when our boat was being built (looking at the waterline on the boats in the test tank at Chantiers Amel) and asked Jean-Jacque Lemonier (the CEO of Amel at the time) about it.  He replied that it was just because the rigging wasn't in place and assured me that it would be level once the rigging was in place.  Either we mis-communicated or every Amel ever built was intentionally made with the waterline higher forward.  

My aft anti-fouling isn't high enough to be effect, especially under the overhang of the transom and I am always scrubbing soft growth off that area as well as the bootstirpe for about 10 ft forward.  

Bill Rouse raised his waterline slightly along the entire length of the boat by eliminating the white stripe below the original bootstripe.  What I am proposing is leaving the bootstripe where it is forward and raising it 6 inches aft with a continuous level-line between.  It would still be higher forward than aft, but less of a gradient than the original.

I am seeking info from anyone with inside knowledge of why Amel made the boats like this and any experience with raising the waterline aft (both cosmetically and in solving the scrubbing problem). 


Gary S. Silver, original and only owner

Amel SM 2000 #335

s/v Liahona

At Island Marine, Inc. yard at Puerto Del Rey Marina, Puerto Rico

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