Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Propshaft wearing ring

Craig Briggs

Yep, as I said in my post I did try the Speedi Sleeves. Wasn't happy that you have to use two to get the width you need, so you're left with bit of a burr when you remove the lip of the 2nd sleeve that seemed it could snag the lip seals as you slide them in. They did not wear out, though, like the WOB, just faint surface lines that passed the "fingernail test".
No problem with the 17-4 recommended by the SKF engineer. It's corrosion resistant and can he hardened up to Rc 40. 316 is only about 20 Rc.

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The Speedi-Sleeves, Craig.
I also wonder if the 17-4 SS would corrode over a 2-3 year time period.  

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy

Tried which, Kent? The SpeediSleeves or the 17-4 stainless WOB?

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