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Craig Briggs

Good job, Bob.

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Craig, repaired bilge pump and used both membranes, didn’t lose anything, 

Bob Grey

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I have changed mine several times - use both membranes. Be very careful not to drop parts down sump - I block sump opening with a sheet in case!

Good luck

Amel 54#035

Peter Forbes

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Hi craig, as a last resort, I looked in the equipment manuals supplied with the boat, and there is an exploded diagram showing the 2 diaphragms in the assembly so question answered. Use both, the one under the white paper goes on the air side.

Maude was super helpful and had the part in stock to replenish my spares cabinet. Hopefully will last another 5 years.

Bob Grey
Renaissance 3

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Hi Bob,

Just one, as I recall.  It'll become clear, of course, when you open up the pump. Wear gloves - yucchy job !
Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Hi guys, I have a Reya Marine ZZ bilge pump that started leaking, caused by a torn membrane, luckily had a maintenance kit in my spares box, there were two separate membranes in the kit along with a big o ring and 2 valves.

The question I ask is do you use one or both membranes in the repair? They seem identical.

I couldn’t find any online reference guide or pump exploded view to answer what is probably an obvious answer “ use both “ but as I’m sure there are many Amel owners who have repaired their pump and know the answer.

Bob Grey
Amel 55 #25

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