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Hi Jorge:

I have recently removed the outhaul gearbox from the boom. I have posted some pictures
of the gearbox in the photos section. This was a tough job but the boom did not need to
be removed. Look at the photos I have posted for parts identification in the photos
section of this web site. You need to remove the gearbox in order to service it but also you
have to remove it to lubricate the Anderson winch bearings.
To remove the gearbox:
1. Remove the bolt that holds the arm on the top of the Anderson winch. This releases
the drive shaft from the winch capstan.
2. Next remove the bolt on the bottom center of the gear box. This bolt is threaded into
the drive shaft and has has a small cup like cover that covers the lower bearing seal.
3. Finally drive the shaft upward and out of the gear box and winch. This is the hard part.
Some on this site have had luck threading a 4 inch long non-stainless steel metric bolt
into the shaft where this lower bolt was just removed and pounding on the bolt to drive
the shaft upward. I did this, 2 hours of pounding with a two pound sledge hammer, until I
thought I would destroy the boom due to excess fatigue failure of the aluminum bracket
that holds the gear box. The shaft didn't move even a fraction of a centimeter (this even
after I soaked the shaft in penetrating oil for 24 hours). I next consulted a local machine
shop in Antigua Jolly Harbor and they used a straight jaw puller similar to this ( ) note: if
this link doesn't work just use google and search for straight jaw puller, and they had the
shaft out within 15 minutes. The shaft runs up through the gearbox and winch in this
order (from bottom to top) lower seal, lower bearing, driven worm gear (brass), upper
bearing, upper seal, Anderson winch bearings, Anderson winch head. There was no
corrosion holding my shaft in place, just lots of grease and encrustations. I intend to
purchase a straight jaw puller and remove my shaft every year or two for lubrication.
Once the shaft is removed the gearbox can be removed from the boom by removing the
four small mounting bolts that hold the box in place to the boom. The gearbox covers do
not have any seals, just a press fit and perhaps a little sealant. Open it up both top and
bottom by gently inserting a broad blade putty knife into the parting seams and gently
working the covers off so as not to mar the parting surfaces. This will give access to the
internal parts. My original lubricant inside the gearbox was in good condition after 7
years and 12,000 sea miles. My reason for removing the gearbox was to do routine
preventative maintenance and to repaint the failed paint on the box. The gearbox is cast
ferrous metal (not aluminum) and I suspect had poor quality paint. If Amel had painted it I
don't think it would have failed. My brass driven worm gear was worn and needed to be
replaced. Olivier Beaute of Amel after sales has the brass gear available from the original
vendor as a special order item for 180 euros excluding VAT and a complete new gear box
for 541 euros exc VAT. Removal of the gearbox on the main sail furling I believe will be
easier. I hope this helps.

Gary Silver SM 335

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Dear Members
I am considering replacing the two gear boxes of the main sail furling system on a SM-
97 model. Does any body have any tips on this job? Amel told me that I have to take the
boom down. Are there any other alternatives?
Thanks in advance
SM 195

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