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Ahhh, trying to catch me in a mistake? I do make them, but not this time!

The Amel 54 has a distribution relay/power converter (Frigoboat E51385) that allows the connection of either 12VDC or 24VDC pumps.The issue is that this relay is connected to 12VDC output terminals on the Danfoss compressor controller. Output Terminals on The Danfoss are marked “+” and “F.” These terminals will will always be 12VDC, even if power supplied to compressors is 24V. Frigoboat states that either a 12VDC or 24VDC pump can be used. 

BTW, E51385 has been replaced by a simple relay(s). See following:


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Bill, you are talking about 12v pumps for refrigerator cooling systems.  Kristy has air-cooled compressors, all are 24v.  Are the 54s outfitted with 12v refrigerators?  If so, how are they powered?

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I believe the complete number for Mark & Debbie Mueller "Brass Ring" posting is Flojet Flojet 4105-512. This is 12VDC with 3/4" close to 20mm hose barb fittings. Of course, on a 54, you can wire either a 12VDC, or a 24VDC pump to the pump controller. 

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When we purchased our Amel it had two different Flojet pumps for the refrigeration system installed in the engine space.  I talked with Coastal Climate Control, they confirm the correct pump for the three Frigoboat systems delivered 1.5 GPM & and they recommended Flojet.  I purchased a Flojet model # 04105512A.  This pump is rated At 1.6 GPM and 1.2 A.  This is a series 4105 pump, I believe the suffix designates the fitting type shipped with the pump.  Mine were ¾” hose barb.  Hopefully, the data sheet is attached.


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