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Hi Ruedi,


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Hi Teun

I'm writhing OFF THE GROUP.[Teun BAAS]  Sure – no problem.


What happens with your D3-110?[Teun BAAS]  When I came on board the next day when trying to start I had an electrical fire; most likely, according to 2 VOLVO mechanics, a wire chafed against the engine somewhere causing it to short.   It was not an old Engine; I guess 2009.[Teun BAAS]  Correct – only 3200 hrs. Problem is that VOLVO doesn’t have good diagnostic tools for the early generations D3 110. This means they follow the “next step” approach. Check this – if it doesn’t work then replace this/these part(s), still not working then replace the next part(s) in the chain and so on. So we spent close to USD15K on parts and labor and still it was NOT running and we had to order about USD13K on injectors, sensors etc. etc. plus labor and then still no assurance it would run. Next step thereafter would have been the 2 VOLVO computers.  So I decided to replace the engine.

Are you installing a brand new Volvo? [Teun BAAS]  Yes Same model?[Teun BAAS]  D3 110 H ; I had the D3 110 C  But that means it is NOW all electronic controls so we have to convert the ZF gear box so I used this window to have the gear box overhauled. Also the new engine was stock in SYDNEY but didn’t have the bracket for the 2nd alternator (24V) so that had to be ordered in BELGIUM and pully etc. from SWEDEN. This new version is laid out differently so we had to grind down 2 section of the AMEL engine mounting bracket in the engine room; apparently the new engine has a completely different fuel system resulting in more quiet running. More fuel efficient. I had the choice between 150HP or 110HP; I decided to stay with the 110HP.  All these engines, although they say VOLVO are basically AUDI/VW engines converted by VOLVO.

Excuse if I'm too curious.[Teun BAAS]  No problem – ask what you want to know.

Best regards 

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Hi Ruedi,


Just had this week a Sydney VOLVO mechanic on board to install the new engine.


I also had 1 “2 micron” filter on board while all the others were 10 micron;  he used that “2 micron” filter and told me that since my diesel was very clean it was no problem and I might as well use that filter now.


Best Regards Teun

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] ? 2-micron Racor fuel filters?



Hi all


I recently changes Racor fuel filter, which usually are 10-micron. Amel does recommend for the Racor Filter to use 10-micron as well.

I found spare parts from former owner; - same but 2-micron filters for Racor. 


Does anyone ever used 2-micron (or  5-micron) instead of the 10-micron?

If yes, how it worked?

I can imagine that the 2-micron filters are too narrow and fuel flow will be affected. 


Best regards



Ruedi & Sabina Waldispuehl


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