Re: Bow Thruster Linear Actuator - Update on availability

Duane Siegfri

I took the bow thruster actuator motor apart and found a lot of corrosion inside.  The aluminum flange of the cap had missing bits like a rat had chewed on it, but of course it was corrosion.  The spacer plates on the wound armature were also somewhat corroded.  I had a motor shop check it and they said it is repairable.  

The jack screw still worked very easily with just my fingers on the end nut below the gearbox.  

This is the SNT ACLE 105 Actuator.  Maud has a few in stock and is sending me one for about $1,800.  The Company finally replied to my emails and you can buy one from them as well for about 1,085 Euros, but too late for me I had already ordered it from Maud.  At least this way I'm relatively sure it has the same fittings, switches, etc.

They are still in production, f you wanted to buy a spare, the company contact information is below.  Be sure to check which actuator you have of course.

Tél : 
Mobile : 
e-mail : Sarah.muller@... 
SIEGE SOCIAL 2, rue Marcel Dassault Z.I. La Croix Saint-Nicolas 

This is our best offer for the following actuator : 
Proposition: actuator type ACLE105  Actuator ACLE105  Serial number : ACLE021749  Project number : 20042198/042074 Price net unit : 1085€ Quantity : 1 piece


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