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Ian Townsend


The have eight Deka group 31 lead acid for my house batteries and am very satisfied. Regular maintenance (voltage and CCA monitoring, adding water) and effective charging are of course key.

S/V Loca Lola II 

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Hi Amel Cousins,
I know this has been discussed before, but I’m not having any luck searching the site.

I want to replace my current 8 group 27 hybrid batteries (between cranking and deep cycle characteristics) with deep cycle higher AHr batteries. They are only 90 AHr for a total of 360AHr at 24v.I’ve found Crown 130A hrs group 31’s. My battery compartment (very early SM2K) will only hold 8 group 31’s + 1 cranking battery. That would give me a total of 520 A hrs. Does anyone have experience with these?

I know others have used 6v deep cycle batteries. How many can you fit in your battery compartment? Total A-Hrs? Do you have pics of the installation?

I want to stay with lead acid wet cells on the advice of others who say finding AGMs or GelCells may be difficult in remote places (heading for the S Pacific next Spring).

Any/all advice or experience greatly appreciated.
SM 243
St Michaels, MD

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