Re: Raising the waterline aft on SM

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Miles, Ian & Judy, and Bill:

Thanks for your input, it is valued.  I just got back to the boat yesterday and looked at the waterline issue with Ken Towne of Island Marine Inc here at Puerto Del Rey in Puerto Rico and measuring the existing water "marking" there is 9 inches of bottom paint above the waterline / watermark at the bow, tapering to 0 inches of anti-fouling above the water line aft.  We have decided to raise the antifouling by three inches aft and shoot a laser level along the side of the boat so it is a straight line from the existing 9 inches forward.  She still won't be level on her lines but she will be "more level" than before by a long shot. 

I think 3 inches of bottom paint showing at the stern will give me some leeway if I add a stern solar arch (about 200 lbs I believe, for either an Atlantic Arch or an Emek Marine Arch.

In case you are wondering I had previous place a lot of weight in the bow to try and level the boat but it head to pronounced "hobby horsing" in heavy seas. 

Thanks again all, 

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000  #335
Fajardo Puerto Rico - Puerto Del Rey Marina Yard

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