[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Main sail furling gear box

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Jorge:

I have not removed the motor yet. I pulled the parts off the boom just as we were
preparing to put the boat on the hard for the hurricane season. I stowed the
disassembled parts below and left the boat. I won't get back to finish the disassembly
until December. I was told by the same machinist that aided in the removal that the
motor just dismounts when the four mounting bolts are released and the motor has a
keyway that insets into the shaft of the steel drive worm gear. I can't say for sure if that is
correct or not. I do know from Olivier Beaute at Amel that there is a thrust bearing on the
end of the drive worm gear (under the small cover on the side of the gearbox). That tidbit
of information has nothing to do with your question, I just pass it along because it came
from Olivier at Amel. It sure would be nice to have an exploded parts diagram for this
gearbox and motor. I am going to contact Olivier this coming week to see if he can
provide one, if so I will post it here.


Hi Gary
Thanks for your prompt response..
One more question... Is there any trick in pulling the gear box from the motor shaft after
I take the retainer?.
Thanks in advance

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