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eric freedman


I had the same problem. At the time Amel did not have the brake pads. I had them  relined by a brake clutch relining shop.

I still had a problem. I received a new spring from Amel and it fixed the problem.

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I own SM2K #422 (L'ORIENT). On the way from Grenada to Bonaire, I heard.....then noticed.... that my prop shaft brake was no longer holding the prop shaft. I was going faster than normal......8+ knots straight down wind with the Genoa and Balooner set.  I'm hoping this hasn't been going on a long time, but I think I would have noticed. Anyway, I cranked down the adjustment screw all the way in (it had been all the way out prior to this adjustment). I can still turn the prop by hand when the engine is off. I tested the brake cylinder and pin by turning on and off the engine and noting the position of the pin and clamps.......the pin comes out of the cylinder when the engine is off, and retracts when the engine is on. It doesn't seem to be leaking. I'm assuming I need brake pads.........I obviously can't tell how thick they should be because I don't have a new set to compare it to. Any thoughts ? I'm assuming this is an Amel sourced item.


Tom and Kirstin



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