Re: Prop Shaft Brake Pads

Alan Leslie

Yes..."contacts the piston pin"
Its a standard hex head bolt

Maud does have pads, it was only that none of the ones she has look like ours...apparently there are three different types

Elyse SM437

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Whoa. Interesting solution. Just to be clear (before I start drilling holes) when you said "where it contracts the piston pin" meant "contacts the piston pin", right ? What kind of head do you have on the M8 bolt ? Does it matter ?

I'm going to verify that Maud doesn't have the pads.......kind of surprising given that everyone will need to change the pads at some point.......but if they aren't easily obtained, I will follow your lead.

Thanks for the idea........this is exactly why I love this site.

Tom Kleman

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